Linden Fund Retreat
  Twenty-one Canadian and US international members and executives of the Linden Fund, a nonprofit organization established to help in the revitalization of the town of Linden, Guyana, met at its first annual international Retreat at the
Raleigh Durham Airport Marriott in North Carolina, generously hosted by LFU
Director Keith Seaforth, a resident of North Carolina, on the weekend of January 21-23, 2005.
The entire weekend provided a wonderful opportunity for the participants to renew their commitment to the goals of the organization and to each other. This first cross-border retreat was a very critical exercise in the life of the
organization as it sets the tone for future retreats, which was a major commitment of the participants. The Linden Fund overseas branches came together in goodwill, camaraderie but also committed to serious planning and organizational strengthening for 2005. The participants, all with a love and commitment to the redevelopment of the place we still call home, turned the weekend into a productive but fun event. The Linden Fund Canada members hosted the Saturday night dinner of home made food and earlier in the day made wonderful presentations to members that led to emotional and touching moments.

Above article and photos provided by the Linden Fund.
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